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Dublin to Selected World Destinations from €359

Dublin to Selected World Destinations from €359 Online

Beirut Round trip* from €500

Beirut Round trip* from €500 Online

Cairo Round trip* from €395

Cairo Round trip* from €395 Online

Hong Kong Round trip* from €478

Hong Kong Round trip* from €478 Online

Mauritus Round trip* from €886

Mauritus Round trip* from €886 Online

About Air France

80 years of pinging earnest travellers around the world gives you quite the level of experience, and Air France has certainly come to know its stuff. Whatever your budget and wherever your destination, an Air France discount code will help you save on consistent quality, reliability and affordability when it comes to air travel, whisking you off to destinations way beyond your typical European destinations. In fact, you can search for your times and prices right on the website, alongside hotel and care hire deals to make your trip the real deal, quickly and simply. Getting everything done in one place is underrated, especially when you can do it with someone as well reputed as the tres bien AirFrance.

You can also check your flight schedule, view and review your bookings and check all kinds of other detail (baggage allowances and the like) in an instant too, making things quick and simple. For the more fun and creative things, however – no-one likes the logistics – an Airfrance voucher code will also help you save on a dedicated range of offers and promotions, offering cut price flights and special deals for all kinds of locations that’ll take your wanderlust up a notch in an instant. Combine that with the travel guides – we did tell you that AirFrance had some pretty in-depth experience – and you’ll be able to plan your next weekend trip or extended break with heaps of ideas of what you’ll want to do – and where you’ll want to go.