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About Students - Utilities & Services

We know that asking you - as a student - to be responsible with your money is a bit of tall order, especially when your Mum or Dad are probably nagging you to do just that. However, there are always bit and pieces that you need, so it’s important to consider the utilities and services you need as well as budgeting for night’s out and food shopping. Amounting costs can catch you unawares, so starting out with services that help you look after your money is a good idea. Our student service vouchers cover everything from stationary and printer ink, to broadband offers, phone contracts, energy bills and more, so you can let us keep track of your finances when it comes to the boring stuff.

Depending on your degree or study – it might be easier for you to invest your own printer and printer ink to print off you’re all important coursework. Then you can avoid the queues at the printer in the library on hand-in day, and get ahead of the game. This does of course, require you to buy your own printer ink. Our student vouchers for top stationary stores like Viking will allow you to purchase printer ink at a lower price, so you’ll always be stocked up and ready to get your coursework handed in without delay!