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About Sim only

Looking for a no-fuss, convenient way to update your mobile phone tariff without changing your handset or number, or increasing the cost of your plan? A SIM only tariff could be the answer. Not only do you get to keep your phone and choose the perfect plan, it’s a great way to save money too and with our SIM card offers the bill will be even cheaper! From pay monthly to pay as you go plans, you choose the usage cap and whether you want a 12 month contract or a 30 day rolling plan. Whether you’re happy to stick with a SIM or would rather keep your options open, make sure you shop around here at vouchercloud to get the best deal.

SIM only plans are often cheaper than usual monthly phone contracts because you aren’t paying for a shiny new mobile as well. It’s a great option for the time you spend in limbo when you’re between contracts too, or if you’re awaiting the release of an innovative new smartphone. The best known networks all provide SIM only offers for anyone who is happy with their handset but wants a better tariff, so there’s more money to be saved by choosing a voucher and shopping online. When you order a SIM card for your current phone with a new provider, you can usually keep your old number too – making switching and saving money easy. Whether you’re an iPhone user or have a BlackBerry or Samsung handset, or even a tablet, your new SIM will be delivered to you ready to go – so all you have to do is insert and go!