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About Nightclubs

Now if there’s one activity that can empty our bank balance in one night, it’s enjoying one, two or three going on four drinks with friends on a night out. All it takes is for you to get a little bit tipsy, and suddenly all the careful budgeting, responsible spending and hard-earned savings go out the window for one night of hedonistic fun! Now we’re not here to shake our finger at you like your Mum might do if she knew what you got up to last night, but instead to offer a helping hand when it comes to keeping those wild nights at the weekend affordable. From trendy bars to late night clubs, our nightclub offers could make you some surprising savings at your favourite local nightspots!

Having a couple of drinks is one thing, but we know nothing beats a big night out with all your mates, so don’t be that guy that blows all his pay-day cash at the start of the month. No ones likes being the person with the empty bank account who has to pass on a fun night out! Our nightclub vouchers are available to view on our handy smartphone app, so you can download deals and offers straight to your phone to show to door attendants and bartenders on the night. Talk about easy savings. From 2 for 1 on admission to Happy Hour offers, it won’t be long before you get the hang of maximising the fun for less.