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About Living Room

Most living rooms are well used, whether it’s for evening get-togethers, after school play time, or lazy Saturday mornings watching TV. As one of the rooms you enjoy most, it’s worth making sure it caters to your needs and feels as homey as possible. The right furniture, décor and flooring can transform a sitting room into an even cosier sanctuary – and our living room vouchers can help reduce the cost of redecorating and revitalising. With discounts on home renovations, the most important rooms in your house can be made as homey as possible at an affordable price.

The centrepiece of most living rooms is the sofa, so choosing the right design is vital to creating your sanctuary. Sofas come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention a range of materials and a spectrum of colour choices! If you’re designing a country bumpkin retreat for your family, a traditional soft couch that invites you to sit and engulfs you entirely could fit your plans perfectly. Contemporary living rooms are made for style and a sophisticated leather settee could be just the ticket. Whatever your style, our money-saving living room offers make it easier to choose a look that works - and with a few Euros left over, why not add matching armchairs and recliners to your order too?! The rest of the room can then become home to stylish bookshelves, storage chests, children’s play corners and the perfect coffee table to place your favourite book.