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About Caravan & Camping

We all relish a breath of fresh air and escapes in the countryside and a camping or caravanning holiday is the greatest way to absorb the wonders of nature for a longer stretch. In peaceful settings surrounded by fields, mountains, lakes or the coast, you can set up your tent, stoke the fire and listen to the sounds of the great outdoors. If you’re tempted by the idea, take the plunge without worrying about the cost using camping discount codes for a deal on your booking. In Ireland and the rest of Europe there are plenty of campsites with empty ground waiting to be filled and with discounts like these, there’s nothing to stop you booking a pitch for next summer!

Enjoying the outdoors could mean setting up a tent in the wilds of some unknown spot, or plugging into the electrics at a family-friendly resort to make sure everyone stays cosy. Caravan holidays are perfect for families that are new to the great outdoors, with the comforts of home inside and the never-ending pleasures of nature waiting on the other side. For you and your family, it could be the perfect escape! Taking children on camping adventures is a great way to teach them about the wider world and with a camping voucher code it’ll be cheaper to take the whole clan – plus it’s always great fun for adults too! Canvas Holidays specialise in camping adventures across Europe and from their website you can browse and book a trip for the summer holidays. For something a little more unusual, browse the accommodation on Airbnb – you might discover a great camping option with a quirky twist!